Thursday, December 6, 2012

This weeks work in pictures

One would think that with winter upon us, I would get something done in the studio, and you would be delighted with color and texture, but alas....I had to go out and do some more cleaning in the way back before the cold weather hits hard and the leaves drop off those dastardly vines.  We are up to 11 types of invasive vines!  We have taken to calling the back area, The Pit of Despair. 

Here is a picture of the latest pile of goodies hauled out for removal by our favorite City worker.....The Stick Man!  He's become sort of a Hero for us.  Really.  What would we do with all of this if he didn't come and get it????

I made sure to get something Normal sized in the picture for reference, and if you look beyond the mailbox, you will see that this pile is actually down in a drainage ditch!  But, to get the true width of the pile, I had to use the house across the street for comparison!

Now, it is impressive, is it not?  Side effect?  The hole in the back fence was discovered by my dogs, who promptly went exploring!  With a tight holiday schedule, fixing the fence has been left to me.  My first choice would be the Ladies' Favorite....duct tape.  Alas, it is damp and rainy today, so I have elected to use plastic tie wraps to hold it together.   Just temporarily.  Really. 

Fencing repair makes me think of John Wayne, cattle ranchers and things that Men Do with their hats and boots on while I tie on an apron and bake a pie.  I would do that too.  I'd bake a pie for John.  Wouldn't you?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mark Your Calendars!

Lori Anderson has done it again!

And the Winner of the Party on Mars Necklace Is Iveth Caruso!

It's that time!  Time for the winner to be announced in the drawing for the Party on Mars necklace as part of the Artisan Whimsy Market for the 2012 Holiday Collection.  If you are anything like me, you have visited everyone's shops, perused, perhaps purchased and with a little luck from the USPS, PLAYED with your new goodies. 

Now that you've waited all week to see it, here is the drawing results for the contest on my blog.

So I'm having a blonde moment and I cannot get that random number generator in my page, but I got it on  the side bar....The numbers are from 1 to 14 and the lucky number is: # 1!

Congratulations to Iveth Caruso, the Creative Atelier.   Congratulations!  I'll be contacting you for shipping information and thank you to everyone who follows my crazee blog!  Blessings to all this holiday season!