Tuesday, July 10, 2012

moving and packing

We have been cleaning and wrapping and moving and packing and packing and moving for what seems like months now.  I have become an adept at the entire process.  There is something else to it, which is that I find that if an object is just mediocre, and neither inspires or delights me, it is much easier to NOT pack and move it.

The sad part is that in packing, we tend to pack the things that are little used first, knowing that we can do without them for a few weeks.  What I am finding, is that what is already packed is probably the things I will miss least and now that we are down to the three day count for the moving van to arrive, all that is left is what I really want to keep.  If we ever have to pack and move again I fully intend to do it just the opposite and pack all my favorite things FIRST.  Then I am left with the things rarely used, and if I am able to find some joy or purpose to them, then I will pack them and if not, well, NOT. 

Now I must return to the moving and packing.