Monday, August 13, 2012

One Day follows another

Okay.  Yes, we moved to this cute little house. Yes, all but two of the boxes that we couldn't fit are in storage, and those two are blocking half the hall to the back door.  Now I have been MIA for some time, failing to even get emails off in a timely fashion.  The days are melding in a blur of manual labor, sandwiches and showers.  Lots of showers!

This is what the kitchen here looked like on June 29th, before we did anything, or moved in.

This is what it looked like last week on Wednesday night about 8 pm when I had been scrubbing the floors for 3 hours.  The floors are actually white tile with white grout.  It has become an obsession to get them clean enough.  We sanded, re-painted the cabinets inside and out and put on all new hardware.  Yes, the cabinet doors are here and ready to go up, but I think too much time has past and now we forget that we have them or need them!  The dishwasher space is a little tight and a little crooked, so it always looks like that....For Now. 

This is what the kitchen looked like on Friday just after 7:30 am when the delivery truck came early!

Unable to get pretty much anywhere in the house on Friday, I went outside.  This was the driveway on Friday afternoon after I had decided to address a little rain water flooding the front yard sort of problem.  Those red bricks used to only go to the basil plant in the ceramic planter. What I found, is they actually went all the way to the street.  While digging them out, I also added a french drain.  We have been getting frog chockers for 4 days and I was getting a little tired of the sand and dirt washing out the walkway and ending up in the house, requiring Lots of vacuuming.  Once I had the ditch digging accomplished, I called and made a reservation for new gravel....13 TONS of it!

The cabinets are not due to be installed until later this week, so over the weekend, we addressed another drainage issue, started a new front walk and my sweet husband found the Energy to even add plants!

They go the length of the fence; hostas and nandina.

This morning was cool and wonderful.  I rose early, made lunch for my husband and waited....and then, there it was.  The sound of the Gravel Truck.  Well, it is one thing to see these on the highways and by-ways of America.  IN your driveway is a Whole 'Nuther Thing!

The spreader truck came and the nice guy did His Rock Thing.  Of course, nothing goes quite to plan around here, and I discovered that while we wanted rock to be spread to the front of the chimney, The Truck could not fit past the dogwood.   So, I got this!

He did a great job on the driveway parts he could get to, B U T.  There was this Mound.  No less than 4 feet high.  Let's see it from the side view.

Ah!  That is a 6 foot handle shovel propped on the side of that mini mountain!  So, at 9 am, with of course Nothing To Do Today......I started spreading rocks.  At 4:07 pm I stopped.  The mounds are gone. The cars are parked back in the driveway.  My right arm is a little numb and I have a swollen elbow, but let me tell you, if there were a merit badge for rock farming, it was won today!

And as Rhett said to Scarlett, "you've been working in the fields! Those are not the hands of a Lady!"  I actually wore out my suede gloves!

Confirmed. Tomorrow the cabinet people come.  To whit, Never a Dull Moment!

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