Thursday, October 11, 2012

We Are One...Breathing

This amazing picture arrived in my in box this morning, compliments of the Do As One website update email.  I LOVE it. 

I first found the Do As One webpage just browsing online, looking for inspiration.  What I found is an amazing way to connect with people all over the world, by Breathing.  Color breathing, meditation breathing and then, just following the Breath in Unity with others from around the world.

I'm not sure exactly when they formed, but last year, on 11-11-11, there was a world wide event for anyone who wanted to participate to get together and Breathe.  My husband and I got on the computer and did it.  We Breathed.   It was Amazing.

The last year for us has been revolutionary.   There have been battles won and lost.  Confronted in some way at nearly every turn, we were asked to remodel, reshape, even re-envision ourselves, our lives, our daily choices and the most basic of our core beliefs.  We have faced physical, emotional and mental challenges that have broken open who we are, what we believe about ourselves, the world and where we belong in it.  Our hopes have been lifted and dashed and redefined.  Our Spirits, like young oysters, unable to hang on in the hurricane, were dashed on the rocks, only to reveal to us their pearls. 

What did we do through all of this?  We breathed.  Sometimes it was hard.  There are times when I felt like I couldn't draw one more breathe, that everything just wanted to permanently Exhale....forever.  Spent breath.  Spent life.

And when that happened, I would go to Do As One, and Breathe.  Sometimes I couldn't keep up, couldn't draw the breath in long, but as I stuck with it, a calm would envelope me, a hush, and in that time, the simple act of concentrating on only one thing, the Breathing, would I surrender to the requirement of my Spirit.  And that alone would support and sustain everything else that my body needed right then.  A sort of re-balancing, I could then move forward again.  Nothing would have changed with regard to the outside challenges, but what did change was me and how I perceived what was there.

Our daily lives still present us with challenges.  The difference now is that we have become pretty proficient at breathing through them.   And the next time you face a challenge, check to see if you are holding your breath.  You might be surprised.  It happens all the time.

So, I invite you to try the Do As One website and breathe for a bit. 
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