Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the House

Yes!  We are still in the throws of moving.  The only room that has not yet been attacked with paper, boxes and tape is my studio.  It is just so hard to walk in and try to imagine putting everything in a box, so I tell myself, "later, later".  Eventually there will be no more later, and the day will come to pack it all up.  But not today!

The house we are moving to is in the historical district in Eastern Georgia.  Once upon a time, it had tremendous gardens tended by the home's owner, a tiny woman in advanced age. The stories told describe her out in the early morning hours, every day.  As we walk around the house, there are signs of blocks and pavers and pathways although most have sunken down and nearly disappeared into the surrounding ground.  These will be excavated, and sand used to lift them back up.  We found wild ginger growing in the front yard and in a  bed outside the back door as well as old roses and the largest Pyracantha either of us has ever seen!

The oak and dogwood trees have grown over the years and the front yard spends much of the day in shade, a perfect place for lots of ground cover.  Vinca is the likely choice with it's low, dark green vines and purple flowers.  Just in front of the house are large Nandina plants that must have overgrown the windows.  They have been cut back very hard, but will still need to be moved to a location in the back as there is no longer enough sun in the front to sustain them.  My vote to fill the front is Gardenia bushes.  They smell heavenly!  As my new studio space is just behind the windows on the left side, wouldn't that be a treat? 

There is also a trumpet vine growing in the back yard that is at least 20 inches in diameter.  I have never seen one so large.  That's it in the left side of the picture, recently cut back and already sprouting new vines.  If you aren't familiar with the southern favorite, it blooms with the most amazing orange flowers that are trumpet shaped and will do so through out the summer.  It grows a little like mint, in that you have to watch it as it will send shooting vines out from underground in every direction.  If you like to plant it and forget it, this is not for you!

back yard

Now here is a picture of the secret of this house.  If you look very hard, you might just barely see a hint of the surprise.  We have always named the houses we have lived in, and no doubt this one will somehow involve the gardens. For now, we have named this area the Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden

There is this little opening along what appears to be a wall of bushes and weeds.  In fact, the opening is Muscadine vine and even though nearly suffused in other weeds, there are fruits hanging on the vine now.  Step through the wall and it is an entire garden all its own.  It is circular and surrounded with bamboo and ornamental grasses.  It is stunning even overgrown with weeds!  We immediately could see our outdoor table and chairs here with overhead lights wound through and across the tree branches.  If you too, carry the blood of the earth keepers, you will understand our delight.

Perhaps what will be needed too, is just a few honey bees to help things along and keep it all blooming.  I suspect my husband has that well in hand as he has been a beekeeper for years.

The inside of the home needs a little Love after some neglect and we have already begun to open our hearts to the treasures inside.  I am learning that my husband knows all sorts of things about repairing old windows and other issues that are cropping up.  Just one more reason to admire him. 

Thank heavens my husband and I both consider gardening the perfect therapy.  I saw this online, and laughed.  Just what we need, an invitation for the garden elves and flower fairies to come and help! 

Back to packing, for now.  Maybe I will get my studio done today!  I feel inspired!
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