Friday, June 15, 2012

Packing the house!

Well, if you wondered why my blog is sort of haphazard, it is because we are moving!  Cleaning, sorting, packing and all the excitement of digging through drawers normally ignored, for good reason.  So, things are a little more odd here at the homestead. 

My husband, knowing of my struggle with pictures, brought home a slab of shiny black, not being sure if it is granite or marble.  It is very heavy, so it's anyone's guess.  I really like the way it shows off some of my new pieces.

I cannot believe how wonderful it looks, and it shows enough contrast that I can see items clearly which thus far has been hard!   This bracelet with handmade lamp work beads by artist Beth Blosser at Pomegranite Glass may never leave my sight! 

Compare it to the same item on white marble.  Enough said!

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