Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goldkisses is born

I have a number of people who have asked me where the moniker 'Goldkisses' originated.  This is going to date me, but it is the story of a merge of beloved art and technology.

Circa 1992 and the advent of the internet. The real origins, the days of AOL and um, dial-up.  <Insert memories of sounds by those who remember>  Phone bills of $200 for time spent in chat rooms, late at night in a frenzy of discussion.  Internet by the minute.

It happens that in those days, one needed a Username.  It actually kept your name off of the internet, and afforded some privacy.  I can say I miss those days.  There is no place for the alter ego to play hide and seek on the internet now.   If you did not know a Username would be required at the time of sign up, every minute spent trying to decide on a name cost money.  I had not known.  I did not know.

I clicked the set up button and suddenly, the race was on!  In about one minute flat, I had to choose.  I wanted my name to be Unique. Identifiable. Fun.  Sexy.

This would be 'Me' for ever.  This is as I would appear to the world 4 Ever.  What to choose?  What to choose?  My mind began to whirl with the names of constellations, stars, book characters, even cartoons in a rapid fire succession.  The pressure was on!  Favorite flower? Honeysuckle.  No.  Favorite book character?  Jane.  Definitely not.  Cartoon?  Rocky? Bullwinkle?  Jane? (what, again?)  No.  TV?  Morticia?  Um, no.  Marcia, Jan, Cindy?  NO, no, no.  Aquarius?  Entertaining, but it's been done. I looked down at my dinner.  Meatloaf?  Sigh, no.  Black eyed peas?  No. ( I didn't get it then, and I still don't.)  Cat woman?  No.  Aldebaran?  No.  Venus?  Cute, but already taken. Ugh.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

I looked up at the wall.  A photo reproduction of  "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt  was hanging right there.  It is a painting of an embracing couple that exudes a level of intimacy and passion that fills the senses with longing and stirs the heart.    I liked the idea of creating mystery, intimacy and at the same time longing for my alter ego.  I studied the painting.  There are loads of gold included into the design that adds a richness, a depth.  I was relieved.  It will do.  I typed it in to check availabililty.  Not Taken!  I am reborn,  Goldkisses. 

Thank you Gustav.


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