Saturday, May 26, 2012

Making Space

Okay, so I've been a bit absent.  I got the spring cleaning bug and have not been just cleaning as in scrubbing and buffing, but in Removing.

I had heard of the group on Yahoo! called Freecycle.  The purpose? To re-purpose.  It's an awesome place where you can list two things:  What you want and What you want to give away.  No money changes hands, but the members find creative ways to support one another.  I have made some wonderful friends as a result of my participation.  

I have watched as all manner of things pass between people. Children's furniture and toys. Washer and Dryers. Computers. Mirrors, dog beds and water bowls and even a cord of wood.  I gave a cast off poster frame to someone who makes lovely fabric flowers so that she could create a display for a craft show.  Yes, even beads.  I like to think of it as the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" but kicked up a notch.  It has become the haven for our out grown lives, a new form of community that I find simple and intriguing. 

I tell everyone about it, because the more people become involved, the more we can recycle and re-purpose even treasured items.  It is so much easier to see your child's first trike go to a family who needs one.  As our lives move and grow and change, one thing seems to remain the same:  we need to revise our stuff.  Not necessarily acquire more, but to get what we need and send the rest on it's way.  

So my cleaning has become an effort in sharing.  The items get listed as an Offer, and one of my extended neighbors emails to claim it.  So today I made a new list of things that I can move on, out into the world to be of benefit to someone else.  The circle of possessions and routine stuff de-stash.

There is something special in it for me.  I get more Space. I have moved into a Space Place.  Less is More.  I want what I need and little else.  I am happier that way, without the longing and the persistent desires of the material world.   I have seen lives devastated by the Wanting, the Constant Craving of something to fill their spaces, inside and out. 

Perhaps I was lucky as it was revealed to me that the space I really want to fill is Inside, and that's the Soul Space.  Amazingly, that place gets filled easily after the sharing, the giving away.  Then a most Amazing thing happens.  I find I have more to share, more to give.  And there is the circle. There I find Completion.  And, after all of that, Inspiration.

The Beachwalk Necklace

I've added a picture of my new Beachwalk Necklace.  A surprise of Circles, spirals and lovely blue lamp work beads by Karen Kordan at  KreationsbyKarenK on Etsy.

So I challenge you to find the Circles in your life.
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